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Green Exhibition

Under the background of long-term extensive development of the exhibition industry, with the rapid increase in the number of exhibitions, the form of organizational management is backward, the awareness of green development is lacking, resulting in increased operating costs of the exhibition, serious pollution at the exhibition site, and huge resource and energy consumption. The organizers, exhibition venues and exhibition service providers have brought great troubles. This “green industry” is evolving into a major energy consumer and source of pollution, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the convention and exhibition industry, and achieving sustainable green development of the exhibition industry is an urgent task.


According to the survey, the traditional wood display racks can not be reused. In the process of building traditional wood display racks, it is often accompanied by decoration pollution, dust and surface, and the smell of formaldehyde is so irritating, and after the construction is completed, it must be dismantled. It is also a variety of troubles. Since the wood display racks are strictly designed according to the design scheme, most of them cannot be reused. After the exhibition, they can only be dismantled and used as waste. After each exhibition, the display racks weighing several tons will fall down. It is a huge waste of resources. On the contrary, the “aluminum material + fabric” environmental display rack is not only light and easy to carry, but also can be recycled 7 to 8 times. The “aluminum material + wood” display rack can be used up to 15 times, so it is environmentally friendly compared to the traditional wood display rack. The display rack can save more than 30% in procurement cost, and the transportation cost is only half of the past, and can be used multiple times, and the overall cost is greatly reduced.


The concept of “Green Exhibition” is based on the principle of sustainable development. In accordance with the concept of circular economy, it adheres to the importance of organizing exhibitions and protecting the environment. It is built with exhibition organizers, exhibition venues and exhibition service providers as the main body, running through logistics, design and exhibition. The green exhibition and exhibition ecosystem of various activities such as conference activities and audience organization. By promoting the application ofexhibition venues, we will realize the innovation and convenient management of exhibition technology, enhance the level of informationization, intelligence and intensification, and reduce the operation and management of the organizers. Cost, environmental pollution and energy consumption.

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