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Founded in 2010, DPES SIGN EXPO CHINA has now presented a complete and mature production application system, bringing together professional inkjet, photo, ink, engraving, display equipment, signs, LED light sources. Various high-end brand products have attracted international industry benchmarks and industry upstream and downstream companies to participate, and quickly became the world's leading digital inkjet engraving and signage technology exhibition.

As a leader in the global printing, engraving and signage industry exhibitions, DPES SIGN EXPO CHINA is based on professionalism and dedication, and promotes the exchange and cooperation of the printing and engraving industry, promotes the optimization of resources in the industry, and strengthens the spray. The printing and marking industry interacts with and integrates with the international market, establishes cooperation bridges between China and Asia and Europe, broadens the horizons of enterprise managers, and builds a platform for enterprises to negotiate transactions and obtain business opportunities.


At the same time, as an industrial and technical exhibition of printing, engraving, signage and LED, the exhibition showcases the industry's top technology, the most advanced machinery and materials, the most creative advertising design, the amount of information, the new technology. More, it is dizzying. The scope of the exhibition mainly includes: digital printing equipment, digital engraving equipment, digital printing materials, laser engraving equipment, printing equipment related accessories, engraving equipment related accessories, ink, acrylic and other materials, signs, licensing, light boxes, Display equipment, LEDdisplay and light source.


February 20-23, 2020, the first exhibition of the opening year - the 23st Dipper Spring Guangzhou International Advertising Exhibition, a strong lineup was held in Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo. The exhibition has a scale of 70,000 square meters and nearly 1,000 exhibitors. The exhibition has received nearly 50,000 professional visitors at home and abroad for four days. The lineup has once again set a new record high. The seven major exhibition areas of the five exhibition areas will display various cutting-edge products such as printing, engraving, laser cutting, signage, signage light boxes, LEDs, advertising materials, etc., covering the entire advertising logo production industry chain, becoming the professional advertising logo and LED industry in South China. One-stop procurement trading platform.

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